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AIRLINE 7 Current Version:

The AIRLINE update is available for download. This update includes a complete overhaul of the manner in which the simulation builds the AI and makes it much easier for future updates to build on the AI. A number of issues relating to the quarterly update have been fixed and some additional functionality relating to airport gates and terminals has also been added. It also now possibly to merge airlines and maintain the original airlines schedules.  

Existing users should note that this is a full install file however in some cases, this may cause you to lose any saved games. Users whose support was due to expire on 31 December have had their support extended to 31 January to enable them time to download this update.

If you have any suggestions for functionality you would like to see in future updates, please send your ideas to support@airlinesimulation.com. We love to hear your feedback.


AIRLINE 7 - PC based gaming


AIRLINE can be as detailed as the user wishes to make it. AIRLINE can be played in regions or globally, a user can decide price levels by aircraft or by individual segments. Service levels, encompassing such things as meal service, business lounge access, headphones and luggage allowance even newspapers, can be controlled across the entire fleet or again by individual segment.

Promotional items such as playing cards, in-flight magazines and model aircraft are also taken into consideration and advertising measures can be implemented on individual cities or across an entire network and include choices covering various media formats.

AIRLINE includes over 700 aircraft variations, a configuration setting allows users to turn on or off the facility to include prototype aircraft such as the original 747-300 Tri Jet which was never developed but AIRLINE allows users to experiment with these types.

AIRLINE 7 is available as a download and installs on your computer. Follow the link below to see more screen shots and read more about AIRLINE 7.


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TAG009 is now closed. Congratulations in order for Nations Airways, Fast Dog, Fun Jet and Skystar! Well done.  

Buy TAG Credits here - TAG010 will be starting on February 6th. TAG011 will be starting February the 7th. More details here.  

News from online, The Airline Game (TAG)

TAG009 will commence on Friday and be set in 2012. TAG009 will be open to the forces of nature - natural disasters, aircraft groundings, civil unrest, fluctuating prices and political crisis. Unexpected and unpredictable...   

For more detail on our online game, The Airline Game, please click here.

The Airline Game - Play Online against the world


Many of our AIRLINE 7 users always told us they wished they could play online with other users. In answer to their requests, we have developed "The Airline Game" a true multiplayer online game which enables you to log on, build and manage your airline and compete against users from all over the world. If you want to run a low cost carrier, you can. If you want to run a 3 class premium airline with sleeper seats in premium classes, you can! You can be active in your competition or you can chose to run a small domestic operation in the islands of the south pacific.

"The Airline Game" allows users to form alliances, code shares and build connecting flights. You can run a complex airline or a simple commuter point to point.


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In September 1967, the British, French, and German governments agreed to start development of the Airbus A300, a 300 seat widebody aircraft.

In 1972 the A300 made its maiden flight, the A300B2, entered service in 1974 followed by the A300B4 one year later.

Sales of the A300 were initially very weak with most orders going to airlines that had an obligation to favour their domestic product – (Air France and Lufthansa). At one stage, Airbus had 16 A300s – completed but unsold – sitting on the tarmac

By 1979 there were 81 aircraft in service but it was the launch of the A320 in 1987 Airbus was established as a major manufacturer.




Have you ever dreamed of running your own airline? Convinced you could build a super airline if only you had control over aircraft types, seating configuration, advertising, service levels, pricing and maintenance?






Here is your chance. With our popular PC based AIRLINE Simulation you can test your skill on your own PC against the computer or, if you want to take on the world, you can play online with The Airline Game.


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Trans Global Airlines (TGA) offers service from the United States to Europe. Their hubs in Chicago and New York (JFK) offer direct services to all European capital cities including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid and Rome. Although a spate of disasters in the mid 70's caused the airline to suffer financially, it was always the favourite of the Hollywood set. Once the airline of choice of the Las Vegas Brat pack, Dean Martin was often seen in the lounge of TGA.

Security in the heyday of TGA was not as efficient as it is today. Famously TGA was the subject of a number of stowaway problems until the security around the boarding process was upgraded. Marion Ross, famous for he role in Happy Days often flew TGA and can in fact be seen in old footage always sitting in a left aisle seat.

The Chief Pilot at TGA, Joe Petroni, spent many years at TGA and contributed greatly to the fleet modernisation. His contribution to the airline was so great that many other airlines envied the work he did for TGA. Joe Petroni went on to pilot many of the great aircraft of the era including the Boeing 747 and Concorde.