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Note: All our software requires internet access.


AIRLINE 7 - The PC Based Game 



AIRLINE 7 is a PC based simulation for single players. It runs on your machine, you control how often you play, when you play and how the simulation progresses through time. In order to install AIRLINE 7 you will need to download the install files from our website. Once you have completed the installation, the first time you run the simulation it will connect to our website to validate your product key.

When you purchase AIRLINE 7 you receive 12 months of support which includes access to all the free downloads/updates as they are released. 



AIRLINE 7 Scenario Editor

The AIRLINE 7 Scenario Editor will only work on AIRLINE (March 2015) or later. You must have AIRLINE 7 installed to be able to use this tool which will enable you to edit game data files and also add your own images to the game. NOTE: Ability to download the Scenario Editor is linked to your AIRLINE 7 support dates. You must have AIRLINE 7 current support to be able to download the scenario editor.


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AIRLINE 7 - Support Extension 

AIRLINE 7 - Support Extension 

If you are a current AIRLINE 7 user and your support is about to expire, you can renew your support for another 12 months for a huge discount. This is a support renewal only, you will not receive a new Product Key. You will continue to receive free updates as they are released.


AIRLINE 7 - Returning Past Customer 

You were an AIRLINE user of v4, v5, v6 or early v7 and you want to restart the adventure? If you can log into your old account you can order a new copy of AIRLINE 7 with 12 months of support for a major discount.


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The Airline Game - Play online against the world.



The Airline Game is a web based simulation for players who wish to complete against people from around the world. There is no software to install - all you need is an internet connection and a web browser. We have users who play on their iPads, their PC's, Windows 8 Tablets, Windows Desk Tops, Android tablets. The flow of the game is controlled by the servers at The Airline Game and we offer different game scenarios from time to time. Current day, dawn of the jet age, 1946 post WW2, different simulations will run throughout the year.  

NOTE: Some of our game scenarios have a joining fee, some do not. Joinining fee's vary from 2 to 5 credits. You can buy a single credit from our store but you may need a minimum number of credits to join a game. Please check the game schedule and fees 

Please DO NOT buy more credits than you are planning to use. TAG credits, due to their low value are not refundable. Please try to never have more than 30 credits in your account at any time. TAG credits are not shipped. They are placed into your online account. 

Once you have completed your purchase, please go to www.theairlinegame.com to access the game. 



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